• FAQ and TV Listings

    What is Vegas On The Mic?

    We’re a TV show that puts Las Vegas artists on the national stage. Artists submit their work free of charge and we pick cool acts we’d like to work with!


    Who is this Will Edwards guy?

    He’s the super-famous celebrity host of our TV program. He’s also got his own show called…. The Will Edwards Show!


    How can I watch Vegas On The Mic With Will Edwards?

    Tune in to MyLVTV late night Fridays at 2:30am! Season ending soon, so be sure not to miss an episode!

    Cable – Channel 6
    Satellite – Channel 33
    Antenna – Channel 29

    We post past episodes online…. eventually.


    How can I get on Vegas On The Mic?

    Submit links to your audio or video recordings on our Submissions page! It’s free, and we listen to ever submission! We typically respond within 48 hours, but if demand gets out of control, a reply is not guaranteed.


    Didn’t you guys used to do live events and open mic nights around Las Vegas?

    Yup! But not anymore! Now, if you’d like to be a part of what we do, just submit your stuff and we’ll contact you if it’s in our wheelhouse.