• Our Monthly TV Contest

    A free contest where VegasOnTheMic.com is giving performers at our open mic the opportunity to be interviewed, recorded and filmed in a multi-million dollar studio, and broadcast to the world.


    Watch this 2-minute video:


    Basic rules:

    1. VegasOnTheMic.com can make up stuff as we go as best serves the Las Vegas scene that VegasOnTheMic.com is trying to create. We can change or cancel the promotion at any time.
    2. This stuff is always free and with the interests of all Las Vegas artists in mind, so no whining.
    3. Your participation in our open mic nights acknowledges an understanding of these rules.

    This is nearly EXACTLY like the contest we ran last summer. Show up and perform, you get 1 entry. Every guest you bring (from 9pm to 12am) also equals 1 entry per guest. We are starting by awarding 5 artists with these prizes this month. My goal is to give this to 10 ARTISTS per month. Also (just like last summer) for every 5 entries you get, we’ll give you another 5 entries.

    So instead of free audio recordings and video recordings at the open mic, we’ll be giving away these really, really stupid nice recordings and videos as part of our TV show idea. But if you want to see your open mic night performances, don’t worry… Psycho Ward still has your back with the videos he’ll shoot and post on facebook.com/VegasOnTheMic.

    If you’re a comic or other “live” performer and wouldn’t benefit as much from studio time and you win the drawing, we’ll shoot your performance live with the full camera crew at one of the open mic events.

    Your material MUST be at least 2 minutes of non-explicit, quality content to be aired. I can’t work with you if you don’t have this.


    Advanced rules (the finest of prints):

    No more reviewing artists on our facebook page (how we used to run the contest). I wanted to build the community in that way, but it didn’t take off as I had planned. So we’re going a different and simpler route. :)

    Artists are collecting entries, but are not in competition with each other. There are 5 ways the prizes will be awarded:

    – The highest number of entries per month automatically wins

    – We’ll randomly draw from all the entries

    – A talent scout will pick from the top 10 highest entries

    – We’ll vote online from the top 10 highest entries

    – And Mike Z. will pick one last artist that was perhaps overlooked


    You can only win the studio time / TV segment once every 2 months. If you win in 2 consecutive months. I’ll send your previously made clip to a producer, manager, or label owner. If you don’t know what kind of contacts I have in this regard, ask to see my “red book” sometime. :)

    Again, these rules can be altered, changed, or even disregarded at any time; this has to be clearly stated for the sake of the law. I hate the law as much as you do.

    If you still have questions, you can message me on facebook.